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Monday, September 10 2007

Microwave ovens are the quickest and almost certainly the best way to cook fish. This is a bold, but factual statement as fish are full of moisture. The moisture within the fish is the building block that makes them easy to cook using your microwave oven as well as the fibrous nature of fish. The unique cooking action of microwaves is also an important factor to the enormous results achieved, as it heats the water molecules quickly and the vibrating action caused by the microwaves makes this action very quick.

1 - The trick when cooking fish is not to put too much in the microwave at once, and to make sure that any fish or pieces of fish placed in the microwave are of similar size. This will mean that they cook evenly and all at the same rate.

2 - Placing the fish in a microwave safe dish and putting either a microwave cover or microwave safe wrap over it to hold on to the steam, will help the fish to cook more quickly and help keep it moist.

3 - It is always best to under cook the fish slightly. When the fish is removed from the microwave the cooking process will continue for a couple of minutes, so if it is left to stand this will finish the cooking of the fish and give you moist flakey and luxurious results.

4 - The ideal thickness of the fish to be microwaved is about an 1” thick. With thin pieces of fish or flat fish it is best to turn the edges underneath, this will prevent the edges of the fish becoming dried out and tough. These thin fish can also be rolled. Thick fish can be butterflied, which means it can be cut down the middle.

5 - Add any herbs and seasoning before you begin your meal cooking process. This will allow the flavors to permeate through the flesh as the fish cooks.

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