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Wednesday, September 05 2007
Do you have the skills to help you switch from drive through state of mind to preparing full family dinners? Yes, I laughed at this notion too. The whole thought that I could have the time or liveliness to make dinner for my family everyday is ludicrous. Then I started implementing these tips and our family life in fact changed. I would like to share with you how to make easy dinner recipes work for you on a day after day basis.

Tip #1: Get a calendar. This is an organizing tool that works for everyone I know and it is so simple you are going to just say, "Come on. Do you think we are simpletons?” Not at all, but when you are writing down all of your activities for the day, note what days are going to be crunches and which look not so bad. If Tuesday looks unpleasant, buy a rotisserie chicken, some grand rolls, a bag of Caesar salad and you have got chicken sandwiches in a burst. You will only go through half the chicken and when Wednesday comes around, you have the makings of great pasta. Your calendar can be your best friend, so map out your week in advance and inscribe on each day what dinner is going to be.

Tip #2: Post a shopping list inside your pantry door. This will help you keep in mind the odd items that come up (plastic wrap gets me all the time) plus as you are doing your meal planning at the opening of the week you can easily fill the items you need to make those dinners.

Tip #3: Combine. One grocery trip per week is all you need. Do not make life harder than it is. When in uncertainty, refer to Tip #2 and be industrious with that.

Tip #4: Get everyone else involved. I have three children so they get to pick one meal every other week. My daughter picks one week and then my son the next. I find a day that looks good and ask for their preference ahead of time. They get energized to for having dinner at home because it is their choice and I do not have to compel anyone to eat anything.

Tip #5: Get techie. Subscribe to blogs or websites that have great recipes emailed right to you each week. I have been auspicious enough to subscribe to a program that helps me out enormously. Not only does it have a huge library of recipes to pick from, but it helps me put the recipes onto a list and then even makes a grocery list for me. I don't know how I ever lived without it. There are quite a few of these sites out there, but the one I use can be found here. Order meals online.

Tip #6: Be flexible. We are not ideal and even the best laid plans sometimes fall apart. An sporadic pizza picked up in desperation is okay. We also have mix up nights when the plan has deteriorated and we get to just pick anything from the pantry we want - from a bowl of cereal to left over steak. We are all great with those evenings because we know that tomorrow we will get back on the program.
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