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Tuesday, September 04 2007
You may want to learn how to cook better so you can impress a boy friend or girl friend. There is always room to learn new skills when it comes to cooking. This article will look at a few simple cooking tips to help you along the way.

For domestic cooking, a tandoor is not really convenient but the meat dishes can be reproduced on a barbeque or in the oven. Furthermore, in times of hot weather, when cooking on the stove and turning on the oven adds to the heat, a slow cooker provides a good alternative.

Cooking Tip #1 - When cooking meats of any kind, there is no sauce like a sauce made from the meat trimmings and bones of the meat itself.

Cooking Tip #2 - By taking the time to properly treating your pans, you will enjoy cooking much more and increase the life of your investment.

Cooking Tip #3 - A secret to cooking well lies in combining complimentary foods, where one ingredient actually enhances the flavor of the other.

Cooking Tip #4 - It is not necessary to brown meat before slow cooking, but it gives more depth of flavor in the food and removes some of the fat, especially in pork, lamb and sausages.

Cooking Tip #5 - To ensure even cooking when roasting a whole tenderloin, the small end should be tucked up and tied or trimmed for other use.

Cooking Tip #6 - India offers some of the more familiar mix Indian dishes, including the popular tandoori-style of cooking. This will enhance the taste and the aroma of your cooking. Any recipe from India is worth cooking for the aroma alone.

Cooking Tip #7 - When considering taking a cooking class it is important to find a class that will be of the most benefit to you.

Cooking Tip #8 - Using a Crock Pot

Crock Pot recipes tend to be ones which are a bit different than the usual recipes that require stovetop or oven cooking. You can tenderize tough meat by cooking it in a crock pot to save a bad piece of meat.

Due to the fact that slow cookers like a crock pot are simple, safe and require no attention while cooking, people who use it enjoy the time-saving convenience it provides. For those who are not concerned about cooking in aluminum the West Bend Versatility 6-quart Oval Slow Cooker will work well to cook meats.

If you want to save additional time in the evenings, try cooking in a Crock pot.

You'll find hundreds of cooking tips and recipes using whole grains, and more specialty whole grains (with cooking charts), and nutritional information on many web sites. Any whole grains can be cooked in a pot just as you would cook white rice, but they take longer and will use more liquid.
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