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Wednesday, September 09 2009
Sure a frozen dinner is rarely our first choice, but it DOES serve a purpose. For when the moment hits, we here at Hungry Girl have a handful of diet-friendly favorites that we want EVERYONE to know about!

Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake
One entree: 340 calories, 9g fat, 58g carbs, 8g fiber, 9g protein

Ladies and gentleman, this is the best frozen meal EVER. Packed with things like plantains, pumpkin seeds, sweet potatoes, insane grains, and an incredible smoky-sweet sauce. Not only is it wholesome and delicious, this is one creative entree! We would eat this any day of the week... maybe even a few days in a row.


Healthy Choice Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken
One meal: 320 calories, 5g fat, 48g carbs, 7g fiber, 19g protein

We try not to be swayed by clever marketing alone, but we DID have to give HC's new meals a try when Julia Louis-Dreyfus started hawking them. And they're REALLY good! The chicken in this dish is tender and delicious, and the sauce is REALLY creamy! And there's a little old-school apple-cranberry dessert that tastes like the holidays. Nice touch!

Jimmy Dean D-Lights Sandwiches: Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese on a Muffin Made with Whole Grain
One sandwich: 260 calories, 8g fat, 29g carbs, 2g fiber, 18g protein

Forget about hitting Mickey D's on your way to work -- an Egg McMuffin's got nothin' on this sandwich. Whole grain goodness, lean but tasty sausage, egg whites... please! Just throw one of these things in the microwave before you run out the door, and you won't have to worry about how many times you'll have to repeat your order into the drive-thru speaker.

Lean Cuisine Beef Chow Fun
One package: 320 calories, 5g fat, 54g carbs, 3g fiber, 15g protein

Instead of ordering from the local Chinese restaurant (we always end up getting more food than we need), we suggest keeping one of these meals on hand. It's GREAT, the sauce is AMAZING, and the veggies are crisp (not soggy at all). SCORE! Plus, there's really more sauce than you need, so you could even add some extra frozen veggies or Tofu Shirataki noodles to the mix! 

Organic Bistro Whole Life Meals, Pasta Puttanesca
One entree: 320 calories, 6g fat, 55g carbs, 8g fiber, 11g protein


Finding a frozen meal that's not packed with sodium is pretty uncommon. Finding one that also tastes good, is packed with fiber, and is totally reasonable in the calorie and fat departments? An urban legend. Until now. This dish has more than 20 organic ingredients (so it has lots of flavor), and salt isn't on the list. Good work, Organic Bistro! Look for these meals at select supermarkets such as Whole Foods. 

Contessa Green Cuisine Stir-Fry Meals, Shrimp, Chicken, or Beef
1 1/2 cups without sauce: 120 - 150 calories, 1.5 - 3g fat, 11 - 14g carbs, 3 - 4g fiber, 13 - 17g protein

Most pre-assembled stir-fry meals that come with sauce and meat usually include rice or noodles. Not these! Contessa meals, where have you been all our lives? Throw a bagful into a pan, heat it up, and you've got dinner without all the starch. The sauce even comes in a separate pouch, and it only adds about 60 calories. Perfection!

Lean Pockets, Cheeseburger
One pocket: 290 calories, 8g fat, 41g carbs, 3g fiber, 12g protein

That's right, it's Lean Pockets, the calorie-conscious little sister of Hot Pockets. This appeals to our love of junk food and cheap hamburgers. One taste of this and we were reaching for pickle slices to shove inside it. Sure, it may not be considered "healthy" food, but if you were going to reach for a Big Mac anyway, this is a tasty alternative.

Speaking of frozen...check out these Guilt-Free Answers to Ice-Cream Cravings.

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