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Tuesday, September 01 2009

Are you ready for some football? Fans of the NFL, and those folks who root for their favorite college team can enjoy this football inspired gourmet club theme.

Choose the Destination for a Football Tailgate Gourmet Club Meeting

The ideal spot for this dinner club get together is somewhere outdoors – perhaps one of the members has a large yard or a freshly mowed field. A local park will work as well. And, for die hard fans, the ultimate setting for this gridiron picnic is the parking lot at the stadium.

Set the Stage for Tailgating

A tail gate is not a must for a football themed picnic. But if the gourmet club members drive station wagons, SUVs or hatchbacks, the tailgates are built in. Park the vehicles and open them up for instant serving and dining.

If the picnic is taking place on property owned by a member of the club, he may agree to an outdoor fire. The smell of wood smoke on an autumn day hints at colder weather to come. It can even be used for cooking food.

If the wood fire is not possible or ideal for food preparation, break out the portable grills and/or the propane camping stoves.

Picnic tables can be covered with traditional red checked oil cloth or, if the party is taking a more formal path, linen might be the logical choice. The group may decide to be casual with paper plates, napkins and plastic cups and utensils or, the host might prefer – and provide – china or more informal pottery plates accompanied by silver or stainless steel forks, knives and spoons, cotton or linen napkins in napkin holders and glass or crystal wine glasses Candles, flowers, place markers, (miniature pumpkins sporting each guest’s name are one idea for these), can be added. With a tailgate party/fall picnic, just about anything goes.

Decide on the Autumn Gourmet Club Menu

Depending on the parameters the group has agreed on, the host for the fall gourmet meeting, (in the north, north west and north east, this theme works especially well in October or November when the chance of true football weather setting in adds to the ambiance), will probably be responsible for the main course and accompanying beverages. The host may assign the remaining courses to the other members complete with recipes or the other members may choose their own courses and recipes but whatever the overall plan, the tailgate menu will be created prior to the meeting date.

A Tailgate Menu For a Fall Gourmet Club Get Together

This suggested menu is a favorite of a long standing gourmet group. The group members are rabid football fans who enjoy a yearly fall picnic with a gridiron theme. Their setting is casual with an eye toward enjoying each other’s company rather than trying to impress with gourmet food choices.

  • Appetizers: Zucchini cilantro dip is a delicious and perfect way to use the last of the zucchini from the garden and a basic cheese, fruit and cracker platter sets the stage for heartier fare to come.
  • Main Course: “Walk Around Chili” is designed to free folks from the confines of the table – spooning hot chili into single serving bags of corn chips is both filling and yummy. It warms from the inside out making it just the thing to combat autumn’s subtle chill. Hearty toppings add another satisfying layer.
  • Side Dishes: A cole slaw combats the chili’s heat. There are many combinations to tempt the palate – apple, cabbage and even carrot can be a tasty addition to any autumn meal. For crunch, toasted pumpkin seeds are the ticket. They can be sprinkled on the slaw, the chili or eaten right out of the hand.
  • Desserts: One way to top off the tailgate menu is with a football shaped cake in the colors of the host’s team of choice. The member in charge of the cake may choose to take on the challenge of baking and decorating it themselves or may order it from a bakery. Since the cake is potentially the most expensive course, the other gourmet club members will chip in. S’mores are a popular choice if there is a fire. And homemade apple brownies reflect the season.

· Beverages: Beer is a wonderful accompaniment to the overall meal. Wine can be paired with each course. Apple cider and sodas are examples of non alcoholic choices

As with any dinner club gathering, the goal is enjoying good food with good friends.

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