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Thursday, August 23 2007
If you are looking for a great tool to use to fix delicious meals for your friends and family, you need to use a water smoker! When you use different kinds of hard woods with you water smoker such as hickory, oak or mesquite, you will add fantastic flavors to foods. As you begin using your water smoker, you will want to learn more about all of the different flavors that you can add to foods. Your smoker will probably come with a recipe books and instruction book. But, if not, you can look on the internet and find numerious recipies to use with you water smoker. You may even be able to find a deal for your water smoker that will include packages of the most popular woods. This will allow you to try some of the best woods until you find your favorite combinations.

You will find that there are a number of foods that lend themselves to cooking with a water smoker. Turkey, chicken, and pork will taste great when cooked with the proper woods in a smoker.

When you cook salmon and other fish, you can smoke these fish and keep the moisture and protect the taste that might be destroyed with other cooking methods. Using a water smoker, you can prepare these fish with great taste, very moist and that have highest nutritional value.

One can even prepare vegetables with lots of flavor in a good smoker. The vegetables will also retain much of the nutritional value that is lost with other cooking methods.

How Easy Is A Water Smoker?

You can serve flavorful meals and create great parties by using a water smoker. To get ready for a party, get the wood that provides the best taste for the meat that you will be cooking. The wood should be soaked over night in a bucket of water. If you use an electric smoker, place the wood around the elements before starting the smoker. Otherwise, lay the wood around your fire as you want this wood to generate smoke, not fire.

One way to ensure that your meat is very juicy is to place a container of water over the heat element, be it electric or fire. I have had great success by placing cloves of garlic and pineapple juice in this water.

You can then place your food on the racks above the heat element. If you have a cook book, follow the suggested time period for the meat. Another way to make sure you meal is properly cooked it to use a meat themometer.

A great way to prepare fantastic meals for your family and friends is thru the use of a water smoker. If you take your time, use well soaked wood, and keep a pan of water under the meat being cooked, you may surprise your guests with the super flavor you can create.
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