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Tuesday, August 25 2009

A great way to relax on a warm summer day is to pack a basket with great food and head out into nature to enjoy a picnic. Some folks prefer the scenic beauty of a public park, while others prefer more of a wooded atmosphere. You can have a picnic anywhere outdoors that you can sit down and relax, as long as you've got the food to go along with it.

When you're packing your picnic feast, either in a bag or a basket, it is important to bring along foods that are easy to prepare and can be eaten with your hands. Olives and cheeses are a great example of some picnic finger-foods that are simple to munch on while sitting on the ground. Potato chips and sliced meats are also easy to snack on.

You can bring bread with you for making sandwiches or for eating individually. You can bring butter or a small amount of olive oil for dipping. Choose a fresh loaf of Italian or French bread for an authentic picnic taste. Or, if you prefer, you could bring crackers for a lighter snack that compliments the meats and cheeses.

Fruit is an essential part of any picnic. Be sure to choose fruits that are in season for freshness. Berries and grapes are great small fruits that are easy to eat without having to worry about a mess. If you enjoy watermelon or cantaloupe, prepare some beforehand and pack it in a portable container so you can serve it immediately without having to cut it during your picnic.

Don't forget to bring something to drink. A bottle of wine like a sweet Riesling or Chardonnays are refreshing on a warm summer afternoon, but you can bring any type of wine that compliments the food you've prepared. Remember to wrap your wine glasses up in cloth napkins or hand towels to prevent breaking. You can also prepare fruit juices and pack them in your bag or basket with some ice packs to keep them cool.

Be sure to bring something for your sweet tooth, like some a batch of freshly baked brownies or cookies. Remember that chocolate will melt in the summer heat, so bring a dessert that cuts down on messiness and is big on flavor.

It is important to remember to bring certain accessories with you on your picnic. Here's a checklist of items to be sure you've packed before you head out the door: wine bottle opener, can opener, napkins, knife for cheeses and fruit, condiments, a blanket to sit on and plastic bags for collecting your trash afterwards.

You can choose between a typical wicker picnic basket or invest in an insulated picnic bag. Either way, make sure your container has a place for storing utensils such as forks, knives, and bread cutting boards. Some even come with plastic wine glasses.

Spread out the blanket and enjoy the outdoors while tasting fresh foods on your next picnic.

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