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Friday, August 17 2007

I suspect that at times we all find ourselves just a bit over the optimal body weight for our size and structure.

• We have put on more than we have given off.

• We have aged somewhat and have not adjusted our lifestyle to accommodate for the change in metabolic activity.

• We have spent time on vacation – the seemingly best excuse for over-eating.

• We have quit smoking and are substituting the ‘food drug’

There are more reasons for weight gain than there are cafes along the boulevards of the world.

I am of the opinion that most people choose not to take care of themselves and become slaves to their senses – a state I term - ‘sensual gratisfaction.’

This is not meant to be an article of value judgement, but rather an internal discourse that I have had with myself for over 30 years – one that seems to surface with the advent of each new ‘Diet’ that is pronounced as being the panacea to losing weight.

During my search for Health and Happiness I have been amused and bemused by the number and types of diet that have been on offer.

Do you recall any of these diets?

• the Atkins

• the Russian

• the Israeli

• the Scarsdale

• the New York

• the grapefruit

• the chicken

• the cranberry

• the grape

• the 3 day

• the 7 day, all you can eat

• the One Good Meal

and the best one for my sweet tooth – The Chocolate Diet

I mean really folks!

If you are sincerely looking for a diet that works, may I suggest that you try the ‘Human Diet’

Yes, that’s right – there is a diet that is specifically designed for the human species.

• It is a vegetarian diet

• It consists of 2-3 meals per day – eaten 6 hours apart to ensure that digestion is completed and that the enzymes necessary for the digestion of the next meal are back to their full quotient.

• The amount of food needed for each person is in direct relation to the size of our stomach and the metabolic rate at which our particular organism runs.

We are vegetarian

• by nature

• by structure and

• by function

If you are in doubt about this and need confirmation, I will be very happy to send you information based on Cuvier’s Comparative Anatomy study in which he compared the anatomical signs of a carnivorous animal to an herbivorous one – we are plant eaters!

Times to Eat

• I prefer the No Breakfast Plan

• I don’t eat until mid-day

• I break my fast after my body has completed it’s cycle of elimination and excretion – which goes from approximately midnight until noon.

• Approximately 6 hours later I eat my evening meal.

• The rest of the time my digestive system is resting and conserving energy .

• What would you do with a lot more energy at your disposal?

Amounts of Food

Based on the size of our stomach and the duration of time needed for digestion we need approximately 3 pounds (13-1400 gms) of food per day divided into;

• 50% Fruit

• 35% Raw Vegetables

• 10-15% Complex Carbohydrates (Starch)

• 5-10% Concentrated foods (Protein)

That’s it! – the one and only - The Human Diet!

For a copy of my article including Cuvier’s study of Comparative Anatomy, send an email to: – and put the word ‘Cuvier’ into the subject line.

For a bit of fun and frivolity on the topic of diets – go to:

All the best in choosing the types and amounts of food fit for health.

Kevin Hinton is a Naturopath/Lifestyle Adjustor who has practised for over 25 years in Australia and North America.

For more information on the philosophy of Natural Living and Natural Healing, go to:

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