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Tuesday, August 04 2009

We've written in the past about what not to eat on a date... now, for a few things you should try when out breakfasting with a new beau, dining with the wife, or picnicking with a potential mate. Dive into these delectable goodies to amp up the amorous mood!

  • Strawberries  They look like little red hearts and the taste is to die for. Red, ripe, plump, juicy, and bite-sized, these natural sweets remind us of the natural sweetness of life and love.
  • Shrimp  are easy to eat, don't overfill you, and finger foods rate high on the romance scale because the act of feeding yourself elegant foods with your hands is naturally seductive.
  • Fondue  Cheese or chocolate fondue, shared with someone special, makes for an intimate meal. We suggest avoiding meat fondue since it gets greasy.
  • Milkshakes  These frothy concoctions are wonderfully childish but they never go out of style. Sipping one through a straw, slowly, as you stare up into your partner's eyes will make for a memorable meal, or at least for a few flirtatious giggles.
  • Sushi  Eating sushi shows you're open-minded and that's always a turn on. Shared plates of small sushi (steer clear of those over-sized gargantuan rolls that fill your mouth to capacity) and a carafe of sake set the stage for an adventurous, sensual evening.
  • Hot Chocolate  Foamy and fabulous, a steaming mug of hot chocolate is just the thing to warm you -- and your significant other -- up on a cool, crisp day. The nostalgia-factor puts everyone in a cheerful, cuddly mood. Be sure to get it with whipped cream for bonus points!
  • Ice Cream  Smooth, creamy, and sweet, this treat is so sexy because it's so delightful to so many of your senses -- taste, texture, look. It makes sense that would lead your interest to other things... So, share a spoon and eat slowly. Mmmm...
  • French Fries  We know what you're thinking -- grease, salt, ketchup? Sounds gooey, but French fries are also indulgent, comforting, and they let your date know that you're willing to live a little. Sharing a plate of fries is actually a fun, intimate act.
  • Grapes  ...the fruit of the gods. Pop these neat, tiny treats into your mouth and all your lover's attention will be on your luscious lips.
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