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Thursday, July 23 2009

Maybe you already noticed how much your diet influences you. Eating what you like is a good thing, up to a certain point.

It's possible that you eat the right food for your body. Is it also the right one for your mind?

Do you feel anxiety coming up after you have eaten certain food?

You should try to watch whether your food, or certain food stuff triggers your anxiety. This might be the case with caffeinated drinks and foods. Caffeine is no good for people who suffer from anxiety. It's better to drink a coffee made of toasted barley which doesn't influence your nervous system.

You can test your food. Eat what you have always eaten, for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Don't add other food. When you get aware of more anxiety after certain meals or certain food stuff, don't eat them any longer. You can then replace those foods. Find out, of what type they are. (proteins, carbohydrates, fats)

Instead of eating wheat products, change to oak meal or to rye products. Even soy products can replace wheat.

One good advice: eat your salad after having eaten your meat, your fish or your pasta. Salad is watery, especially if you add some spinach. It helps you digest your meal.

If you need some sweet, eat an oak meal cookie or a fruit. Both give you the fiber you need and they also give you the energy you want. So you don't risk a sugar crash which would only increase anxiety and mood ups and downs.

As you can see, much of your well being depends on your meals. Healthy meals make healthy people!

Healthy people suffer less anxiety and less stress. And that is actually your goal: a healthy and anxiety-free life.

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