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Tuesday, June 23 2009

Since we live in such a fast-paced world, it's not surprising that we rely on high energy foods to help us get through the day. Unfortunately, a lot of us unwittingly fall for misleading advertisements and end up making the wrong food purchases. Energy bars and drinks are not exactly the healthiest choices.

Why go for these commercialized and artificial products when you can go for the real deal high energy foods? These foods are natural and won't even cost you a lot. If you're ready to trade your tin foil wrapped calorie junk for something healthier, read on!

1) Skip the Caffeine.

Coffee is a daily staple in people's mornings. However, if you're keen on switching to high energy foods, I suggest you exchange your steaming cup of caffeine for a nice, refreshing glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice instead.

For starters, coffee is not that great. It dehydrates your body and encourages mood swings. Natural fruit juice, on the other hand, contains enzymes that make digestion easier and allow the body to produce more energy faster. Citrus juices, in particular, are excellent sources of Vitamin C which help drive tiredness away.

2) Bean There, Done That.

Beans are an excellent example of high energy foods. They are rich in protein that is responsible for giving you energy, and fiber that lowers your cholesterol.

A lot of people tend to avoid beans though because they're known for causing gas. But then again, you don't have to have beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.

If you're new to beans, eat them on a day when you're not needed anywhere important. You can either eat them alone or add them to your favorite recipes.

3) Yogurt for Dessert.

If you need your dessert fix, try eating yogurt. As one of the high energy foods, it helps convert nutrients into energy; and it contains calcium, protein and vitamin B 12 which are very good for the body. There are also live microorganisms in it that help strengthen your body's natural defenses. A lot of people like eating yogurt because it not only has a lot of benefits, it also tastes pretty good.

So the next time you visit the supermarket, be more conscious about what you put in your grocery cart. Now is the time for eating healthy and high energy foods. Stay away from junk food. Your choices are entirely your own. If you want to improve your life, start with one healthy food at a time.

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