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Wednesday, May 27 2009

Bring the restaurant home.

In some parts of the US, a Friday night fish fry is what's expected of restaurants. This has to do with a Catholic influence from way back (no meat on Fridays), but there has been an unintended, but delicious result.

You see, now the restaurants compete for who has the best fish fry. The result is some amazing fish to be eaten. Cod is of course, the old standby when it comes to a fish fry, but there are better.

For example, if you've ever tried fried Walleye . . . you know what I'm talking about. For those who don't like the fish taste, this is your fish. It's got no fishy taste at all.

Many others swear by Blue Gill. Fried Blue Gill will give you small fillets, but they are firm and tasty.

However, I personally have a favorite. It's the Northern Pike. It's an aggressive fish. My fishermen friends tell me that you need to use a wire leader on your fishing line so that they cannot bite themselves free. They are fighters and toothy.

But, especially when caught in cold waters, these fish are meaty, firm, and full of flavor. Not all restaurants offer this fish, but take it when you get can get it. This is the king of fish.

Moving on, let's select your drink for the perfect fish fry next. If speaking in terms of wine, white wine is what you eat with fish, but keep in mind that fried fish will overpower the average white wine. A sparkling white wine would go good with this, but in all honesty, I'd recommend taking a pass on the wine.

Beer is a better mate with fried fish. Not a dark beer, but anything from light to medium will work excellently. It's even better if it's a micro-brewery beer (think Milwaukee, WI).

Of course, if you're not a beer drinker, root beer soda will work nicely too.

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