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Friday, April 17 2009

This is another Korean soup dish that involves cucumbers. This dish is an incredibly easy dish. My family over in Korea likes to make this dish when they're in a sudden mood for something cold. It is many times a replacement for ice cream for my family because it is healthier for you and much cheaper than ice cream. Here is how to make chilled cucumber soup.

There are not many ingredients that you will need to make chilled cucumber soup. Here are the ingredients that you will need: a couple of large cucumbers, water, vinegar, Korean chili pepper powder, sugar, and ice.
To prepare to make the chilled cucumber soup, first you will have to finely chop the cucumbers. Leave the cucumbers alone for now.

Now it's time to make the soup of the cucumber soup. Get a good sized bowl of water, add a little bit of vinegar, and add some sugar and Korean chili pepper powder to it. You can also get a pack of the soup at a Korean market, have it frozen, and take it out whenever you need it.

Now, whenever someone wants something refreshing but something more than just ice cream, you can just take out the soup and serve it.

Although cucumber soup is preferred during the summer time, you can actually enjoy it any time, even in the winter.

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