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Thursday, April 16 2009

So your grandma's ribs are excellent, you say. You uncle can cook a pretty mean smoked ribs dinner as well. That bbq ribs restaurant downtown is to die for. Ha! Grandma cooks them in the oven (strike one). Uncle Larry cooks them on his propane grill (strike two). That restaurant downtown uses liquid smoke to flavor their ribs (strike three). Let's get real people... those are NOT smoked spare ribs. Those are bludgeoned ribs, boiled ribs, oven ribs, etc. Now, you are probably thinking that you know how to cook ribs the correct way. Let's talk about how you are wrong and I am right for a minute.

Rib Rule # 1: Smoked ribs have to be SMOKED !
This is not complicated, gang. If you want true smoked rib taste then you have to use actual smoke. Smoke is generally achieved by burning wood. So, soak those wood pieces in a nice spicy brine and let's get to the smoking part.

Rib Rule # 2: The 3-2-1 Method is Bogus
This is just a ridiculous method to use unless you are twelve years old, in which case you should not be around fire. Furthermore, get a job. The main problem with the 3-2-1 method is that it does not take into account the amount of spare ribs that you will be smoking nor does it account for the type of smoker, which is instrumental in determining how long you should smoke the meat, based on how far the meat is positioned from the heat source. And C, it lacks the hands on approach and TLC that goes into winning real BBQ competitions.

Rib Rule # 3: You Cannot Pulverize the Ribs
Okay, guys, I do realize that you enjoy those 12 hour romps of smoking ribs and throwing back some Busch Lights, but if you are smoking for 12 hours straight, then perhaps you should rethink your priorities. If you just used a little ingenuity then you would not have to wait so long for the ribs to tenderize. Think foil.

Rib Rule # 4: Fall off the Bone Tender is Flawed
This is a condition that is often sought after but one that is rarely enjoyable: fall off the bone tender means exactly that: that the meat literally falls off the bone. Not good for competitions nor for normal eating (this begs the question: are competitions somehow abnormal? Obviously, they are). Do you really want to pick up a rib and have nothing on left on it but the bone before it gets to your mouth? Can't plate them well either.

Rib Rule # 5: Don't Baste the Ribs
You don't have to constantly baste the ribs in order to have tender ribs. Once or twice is plenty. How exactly is that secret mixture getting into the meat anyway? Uh, it's not. Here is my theory: the so called barbecue experts get a bit bored and so they invent all sorts of unnecessary "steps of a master" in order to fill in that twelve hour drunken bug-swat.

These are just a few tidbits that you should follow when cooking ribs. Please take a peak at my site for more on bbq ribs.

Cooking smoked ribs can be a lot of fun. Feel free to come join me and others and learn a bit while you have some fun and good food!

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