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Tuesday, March 10 2009

What is a Saturday afternoon without a fantastic large steak on the grill? People everywhere enjoy the smell of a juicy steak cooking on the barbecue, and you are usually joined by a neighbor or two when you are firing up that grill, as it generally makes everyone's mouth water. Steak is something that can be cooked in several different manners, yet it always seems to go right back to the grill if you want this steak to have great flavor. Coupled with a side of corn on the cob, you are seeing what most north Americans feel is the perfect summer weekend dinner.

Picking The Right Steak

Believe it or not, picking the right steak for you is very important. You need to know what the steak looks like, in order to judge its quality, and when it comes to steak there are no exceptions when it comes to a top steak. You want to look for a steak that is at least 1 ½ inches thick, this will ensure that this steak is going to be juicy. You are going to want to ensure that this steak is a good size, yet you need to keep in mind that it does not mean that the meat will be of top quality if it is large. This is merely to enable you to have a decent portion in the event of it shrinking during its cooking time. One of the most important aspects on picking the right cut of meat is the marbling of the meat. If the meat has absolutely no fat marbling, then you should look at another cut. The marbling of the meat means that it will be juicy and tender, rather than dry and stiff.

Choosing A Cooking Method

Whether you choose to cook your steak in the oven or you choose to grill it, it is very important that you have all of the necessary herbs and spices that will make this steak your own. Dressing the meat prior during and after the cooking process, will go a long way in making this meat a personal thing. You can find many marinades available to you at your local grocery store or sometimes even you local butcher shop, and these are great to spice up your meat before cooking. Most often you will hear that the steak will cook more evenly and taste better if you let the steak age for a bit in the room temperature. This is actually a good idea, as it brings out the robust flavor of the meat when it is time to cook.

The Butcher

You are going to need to decide where you are going to get your steak from, and that basically boils down to the grocery store or your local butcher. The butcher will most likely have more prime cuts available to you than the grocery store, yet you will most likely find the prices a bit higher. Whichever route you choose to go, you can be sure that you will be dining in style when you are eating your choice cut of meat.


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