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Wednesday, February 25 2009

 have not always been a chef. In fact, I was a very picky eater
as a child. My interest in food and cooking began as an adult.
During my first pregnancy, I started eating tomatoes. It was a
breakthrough in eating for me and since then I have more than
made up for the "picky years."

In 2002 after taking various cooking vacations with my husband,
I decided to go to culinary school and learn the basics of food
preparation from a professional chef. In class, and after
performing various cooking demonstrations, my teacher pulled
me aside and told me that I really should start teaching.
With my family growing,I knew that working in a restaurant
or hotel would not fit into our lives for a long time. So
I opened up a school out of my home and began sharing my
experience and passion.

I am not sure if this happens to other chefs, but one of the down
sides about cooking and teaching is that friends seem hesitant to
invite me for dinner. I know it is not my personality because I do
have lots of friends. I even shower regularly! However, some
feel intimidated by my skills and do not want their abilities to
be critiqued or judged.

In fact, I love going to other peoples' homes. Like every other working
mom, I get tired cooking for my family day in and day out. At times, I
even feel uninspired and order Dominoes. What does get me excited is
trying new foods and learning about other families' culture and
traditions. I do not judge but I enjoy the opportunity
to take a night off and let someone else do the work. And I am
so easy to please. I eat almost anything!

For me, eating out in a restaurant is rather boring. Most reasonably priced
restaurants serve similar dishes using highly processed bland ingredients.
It amazes me how many people do not have the confidence in the food
they prepare in their home and its worthiness of any guest, let alone me.

And making friends with a chef and cooking for him and her will be
repaid. Most chefs and cooks I know are so appreciative of the
invitation and the rest from their own cooking woes, they repay by
cooking and cooking for those who have shared.

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