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Tuesday, February 17 2009

Wild salmon is the perfect option for almost any meal. The question is just how to cook salmon fillet in order to coax the fish out to its full potential. The light flakey flesh melts in your mouth and partners well with anything from grilled vegetables to garlic mashed potatoes. The only problem with this delicious dish is that it can easily be overcooked. The key is to cook it quickly. There are many ways to prepare wild salmon, it works well raw for dishes such as sashimi, but if you wish to apply some heat to the fish there is no shortage of options.

Salmon can be broiled, deep fried, baked, pan fried, boiled, sautéed, microwaved, or barbequed. With this wide variety of cooking methods a person must simply choose their preference of how to cook salmon fillet. The fish can be done cooking within just a few minutes. In order to see if the salmon is done, simply cut into the flesh and see if opaque color of the center is gone. While the need for attention can make cooking salmon fillet a little more stressful, you get a buttery, flaky dish within only a few minutes.

The beauty and simplicity of preparing salmon is heightened when it is wild. The delicious flavor and texture of wild salmon fillet means that the dish requires little garnishing with spices or sauces. A little salt, pepper, lemon slices, and rosemary folded into a tinfoil pouch with wild salmon fillets and popped in the oven for a few minutes makes for a tasty and flavorful meal. If you wish to be even simpler, then just brush the fillet with olive oil and chopped garlic, pan sear it for a few minutes and a gourmet meal is ready almost instantly. While learning how to cook salmon fillet can be a little difficult, once the skill is mastered there is a whole world of cooking out there to be explored.

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