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Monday, July 09 2007

Before you begin your cooking journey with your kids, here are a few tips to get your kids at ease in the kitchen. These tips can help your kids become safe and dependable cooks for any meal. Once they become acclimated with the kitchen they will love to help and be involved the every aspect of meal preparation.

Everyday kids love to be artistic. They love to feel a sense of achievement. Entrust complete tasks to each child prior to you starting the cooking process so each person knows what they will be responsible for. This will make the cooking procedure flow effortlessly. If the child is old enough, do not be tempted to disparage or take over. Give calm reminders or teaching to help them continue learning.

Organize: Just as you would arrange yourself before you cook, you will want to do the same thing with your kids. Being organized will help make cooking a dinner fun and unforgettable occurrence. In addition, the kitchen will be less messy and easier to cleanup.

Patience: Cooking meals with your kids may lead to aggravation, but remember to be patient. This is an education process that might take time to develop.

It might take extra time to prepare the meal, but the payback will far out weight the time it takes to cleanup.

Preparation: Before you begin cooking dinner make the following preparations with your child to ensure safely.
• Wear an apron;
• Teach them to tie back long hair so it doesn’t get in the food;
• Roll-up long sleeves. This will keep the sleeves from getting into the food;
• Wash hands with soap and water. Keep on washing especially after handling food like poultry;
• Have hot-pads ready for hot foods. Things taken out of the microwave can be tremendously hot;
• Get out all the ingredients for every recipe. Let the kids assist so they know where to find the ordinary ingredients. Plus it helps the next time they need to get the same ingredient out;
• Get all your kitchen appliances, cookware, bowls and utensils out;
• If your child is not tall enough to reach the counter, get a stool or chair for them to stand on;
• Instruct them what to do in case of an emergency, such as if they burn themselves, or if the food catches on fire. Also have a first aid kit and/or a fire extinguisher on hand; and
• Teach them how to handle sharp items like knives and scissors.

Clean: You don’t want to have a huge mess when you are done, so teach your kids to clean as they go. Put the dirty pots, pans and bowls in the dishwasher. You could have a child chosen as the washer. Put away all the ingredients and equipment you have used to help clear space so you have an open and clean area to continue the cooking process.

Cooking with your kids can be a great experience. Have fun and enjoy the reminiscences being made.

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