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Friday, February 06 2009
There are many luxuries that we like to give ourselves and our families that take us out of our homes. A fancy day at the spa, or a visit to a hot new restaurant perhaps, or even tickets to a show. These are all a great time, but with all of the travel to and from, and going to the events it can be hard to really connect with your family. That's why I often prefer to stay in and relax with guests at home, entertaining them in a space where we can all connect. But home can still be sheik. When I invite over guests, I like to order lobster.

Lobster is a wonderful luxury because it can be prepared in the home, and served easily to guests. Unlike an expensive restaurant meal, you can order lobsters to feed two guests or twenty, whatever the occasion calls for. It's also an excellent way to order something into your home to prepare yourself, which saves a lot of money on catering. Lobsters are seen as such a luxury that your guests will feel pampered, and will be thrilled that you invited them over for such a special meal. It's a great way to let your friends know that you appreciate them!

The reason that you can have all of these great lobster gatherings is that ordering lobster online is so simple! In the past, it would have been impossible to have a large gathering featuring lobster, without a ton go expense and advanced planning. It's unlikely your grocery store would have enough lobster to begin with, and even then, they were likely old, with claws atrophied with banding. Experts recommend that you eat lobsters fresh, within two days of fishing.

How does ordering lobster online guarantee you more freshness? Easily, because you're ordering directly from the fishermen themselves. Instead of waiting for your grocery store to truck lobster to their locations, by which time they're likely no longer fresh anyway, your lobsters are packaged and sent to you overnight as soon as you place your order, or on the date of your choosing. This means that your lobsters will be ready and fresh for whatever day you need.

Ordering lobster online also helps you to save money. The grocery store not only has to pay for the lobsters, but also the fee of the middleman who arranges the sale, for the shipping, and for their store costs. That adds up to one huge surcharge. When you order lobster for yourself, you only have to pay the going price per pound, and the shipping fee. This means you've gotten yourself a great savings on lobster.

When you're ready to treat yourself and your friends to a night of luxury, lobster is the easy answer. You can order quickly online without having to make arrangements at the store, and your lobster, which will be bought at a nice savings, will arrive right when you need them. So treat yourself to lobster today!

Stumped for what to serve at your dinner party? Order lobster online?

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