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Tuesday, February 03 2009

Valentine's Day is without a doubt a very special day and even though we should show our affection to our loved ones throughout the year, there's still something magical about February 14 that makes it like no other day of the year. And being such, there's no better way to get the romance going than a special breakfast prepared with much love for your special someone.

Breakfast is very special because it provides us with our day's starting nutrition until we make it through lunch time. This is also the reason why it is considered as the most important meal of the day. Being important, there are also plenty of suggestions for Valentine's food for breakfast that husbands and wives can make for their spouses. Kids can make some of these for their parents too! Well, Valentine's is about love anyway, right?

Casseroles can be a good meal to start the day right. Men can do this dish very well since preparing them doesn't necessarily require many steps to make. Even so, most of them can also be put together ahead of time, setting aside the previous day and baked on Valentine's morning.

Eggs contained in most casseroles hold the entire meal together; however, if the someone you're cooking for does not eat or just plain don't like them eggs, you can choose some other ingredient to make. Some popular and delicious add-ins for casseroles include: sausage, ham, bacon, cheese, onions and pepper. Just choose which can make him/her happy and cook away!

Breakfast in bed is also a very popular Valentine's food offering for your loved one. Well, in some parts of the world, it really is, and there's no sweeter way than a surprise breakfast for your just-waking spouse, complete with a flower and a Valentine's Day card to boot!

Breakfast in bed arrangements are best included with centerpieces that will definitely show that you love the person you're giving it to. Good ideas for Valentine's breakfast in bed are pancakes or French toast. Pancakes can be shaped into hearts when batter is poured inside heart-shaped metal cookie cutters. French toasts, on the other hand, should be cooked first before using the cookie cutters to make shapes. That way, your Valentine's food can definitely say "I love you" even without you uttering a single word!

If you plan on making a light breakfast or if you're just accustomed to it, how about trying a simple breakfast consisting of some fruit and toast? Some yogurt can be a great add-on for fruit, and to add some sweetness, add some jam to brighten up the toast. This clearly suggests that Valentine's breakfast can be very healthy too.

Valentine's day usually comes when the season is still winter and it's still cold in the morning. If this happens, try serving some hot cereal like oatmeal or cream of wheat for a Valentine's breakfast. A great idea too is to write in some message using some syrup on the top, like "Happy Valentine's!" or "I Love You". Now, we're talking sweet, eh?

Valentine's food for breakfast is really a great time for you to show that you really adore the person you love. It's a great opportunity to express how you feel, and what's best about it is that many times, it comes as a surprise to the person who's just waking up to greet the day.

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