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Monday, February 02 2009

In the olden days, soups were just whatever leftovers were boiled in water. Today they have progressed into something much more sophisticated, and used not as a last resort, but often as a centerpiece. The great thing about choosing to make a soup for a special occasion is that it is often easy to make, making the experience fun, but short.

Here are two great soup recipes:

- 1926 Rice Soup Recipe

- Veal and Sago Soup Recipe

1926 Rice Soup

This soup is an oldie, but a really great recipe. You need about a fourth cup of rice, a teaspoon of salt, a slice of white onion, two red pimentos, a stalk of fresh celery, two cups of veal stock, two cups of cream, parsley, a dash of white pepper, and three table spoons of butter and flour. Start by boiling three cups of water in a medium size pot, adding in the salt, onion, and celery. Cook the rice and make sure it is thoroughly cooked and tender. Put this in with the boiling water along with the pimentos. Now you don't really want the water as you have the veal stock, so put this mixture through a strainer and add the veal stock instead. Next, add the cream, pepper, butter, flour, and mix until silky. The parsley is used to serve on top, so add it when the cream has warmed, making sure not to burn the bottom.

Veal and Sago Soup

This is another great veal based soup. You will need two and a half pound of veal, three quarts of water, a fourth of a pound of pearl sago, two cups of scalded milk, four egg yolks, salt, and pepper. If you want to do this soup justice, the best thing is to plan for it. Try and order the meat from a local market to make sure it is really fresh. After you get the mean you should place it in a pot and submerge it. Bring up the water to a slow boil and let it cook for about two hour (you may need to strain the water out and put new water in). Next let the sago soak in cold water for an hour, and stir into your cooking meat. Then add your milk, eggs, and seasonings. Voila, you have a sophisticated soup for any occasion-let the compliments fly your way!

For More Information

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