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Wednesday, January 14 2009

Italian cooking is celebrated around the world as there are indeed diverse and tasty as well as feast for the eyes. The preparation and cooking involved in Italian cooking may seem intricate but once you master the finer points, everything is clear-cut. Italian food ranges from pastas to breads and to the most epicurean of dishes. It is truly an achievement to master the fine art of the fame dishes.

The gastronomy is not just about pastas and pizzas as there are plenty of gourmet dishes and fine Italian cooking that you can savor. It makes use of lots of fresh vegetables and olive oils on top of herbs making them a very healthy type of fare. To get healthy Italian cooking, it is all in the ingredients and it is easier than you would like to think.

There is not a lot of difficulty if you desire to master fine Italian cooking methods and you can start by cooking a starter dish such as Antipasto which is a hearty spread by itself. The recipe is simple although cooking Antipasto entails cold cuts of meat on top of cheese, salami as well as marinated vegetables.

Italian dish is not complete without salad and the ingredients are typically healthy with olives and heaps of fresh vegetables in addition to zucchini, onions and beans. You can have other dollop of healthy Italian cooking by sampling their famous Italian stews and soups. The stews and soups contain ample amount of pulses, vegetables, and chickpeas on top of beans and lentils that are great for your health. Examples of such soups are basil, tomato and broccoli.

After sampling all these healthy cuisine, you can check out Frittata which is an Italian style omelet that is resplendent with vegetables. The ingredients can comprise tomatoes, herbs, onions in addition to salami and chicken. Frittata is a side dish to salads and soups and is normally served in place of bread.

With a full meal, you can then look forward to desserts that are healthy. One of the feted Italian desserts is Gelato that is low in carbohydrate.

In the realm of healthy Italian cooking, you can get hold of certain tips that help you to create such delectable dishes. With those helpful tips, you can prepare hearty and fine meals for your loved ones. Through informed choices and eating healthily, you can value the fine art of Italian cooking.

Ernest enjoys food and loves to prepare and read on healthy and fine cuisine. You can read it at

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