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Thursday, November 20 2008

A lot of Americans don't cook well. In part it's because of packed schedules. Sometimes fast food is their only alternative in the midst of a busy day. The issue isn't always cooking but rather planning nutritious menus. It's not that hard, folks. A seven day menu isn't all that hard to plan for people who know where to look. The entire family will like these dinner ideas.

An American favorite is the corn dog. While not a healthy food, it is a tasty one that is easy to prepare. The batter is flour, corn meal, salt, sugar and baking powder mixed with milk. Then coat the dogs and fry until golden brown. Put the dog on a stick for an authentic feel.

In colonial times, dinner was an afternoon meal, followed by a later light meal called supper. As time went by this changed based on social class and schedule. Afternoon dinner helped those with physical jobs make it through the later part of the day. But now dinner has become the sole evening meal, the anchor to the family and transition from the work of the day to winding down at night. But supper and dinner have become intertwined, often interchanged in meaning this big meal. The evening meal doesn't have to be huge, though. Go the traditional dinner route with a light soup or roast chicken salad.

Try crock pot cooking. Set it, forget it, then return home to a well cooked meal. The whole meal can cook without supervision. Try pot roast and potatoes. Serve it with a fresh baked loaf of bread picked up on the way home from the local supermarket. Or you can ditch the bread to keep down the pounds.

Excellent home cooking isn't hard -- try pork chops, or steaks on the grill. Search for the term dinner ideas on a search engine like Google. The Internet has more than you can handle.

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