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Wednesday, June 06 2007
There has been a great deal of debate over the years about using microwave ovens to cook foods.

Several reports state that for the reason that a microwave oven cooks, it alters the makeup of the food. Supposedly destroying all the health benefits of the foods. Some studies by the Russians in the 50s have stated that eating micro waved food could lead to cancers and that carcinogens were transferred to the blood. They even banned the use of microwave ovens for many years but more recently microwaves have become an customary part of Russian households.

Studies done since 1990 across America at major universities have been fairly conclusive in their results regarding microwave cookery and that there are many benefits to using a microwave oven for cooking some foods. Here are five reasons for using your microwave oven to cook your foods with.

1. Cooking vegetables in a microwave has great benefits provided that it is done properly.
The vegetables must be spread out evenly on a microwave plate and be covered either with a proper microwave cover or a microwave safe cover. The vegetables only need to be cooked for a short period of time and they do not have to be immersed in water. This means that the vegetables will not lose vitamins and minerals into the boiling water. The vegetables will steam in their own juices and retain most of the vitamins and minerals, as well as keeping a good color and have a crunch.

2. The use of salt while cooking has long been an accepted way to enhance the flavor of food.
Using your microwave to cook your vegetable means that because the cooking time is shorter and the food does not need to be immersed in water it will retain more of its natural flavors.

3. Microwave cooking with oil is much healthier if very little oil is used.
The use of a frying pan to fry foods has long been a standard practice, but some studies have found that oils when heated at higher temperatures can release dioxins a known dangerous toxin.

4. Microwave popcorn is healthy.
We all know that eating corn as part of our diets is very healthy for us as the kernels fill us up, contain few calories and are passed through our system. Microwave popcorn can be healthy if you do not put anything on it. It does though taste very bland and is quite dry. If you do though need to liven it up a bit use a light butter spray and just give it a very light coat.

5. Fish is one the best and easiest things that can be cooked in a microwave oven.
There is no need to use extra liquid and if cooked properly the fish will come out moist and tender.
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