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Wednesday, October 15 2008

Are you interested in adding healthy meal plans to you or your families nutritional plan each day? Do you want to loose weight or build a better body for yourself? To do any of these things, one must understand the basic principles behind healthy meal plans to ensure they are eating correctly and adding the correct foods. Listed below are some things to consider in your healthy meal plans.

1. Eating Frequency - Each meal place should have you eating at least five, if not six, times a day. There should be 3 large meals and 2-3 snack times between to keep the hunger at bay. It also raises your metabolism and keeps it there. Those who eat healthy foods on a regular basis have been shown to have a higher metabolism when they eat and the time after when the body is digesting the food. The body tends to store fat when it is deprived or there is no regular food schedule. It is out to preserve itself and the storing action is a way to make sure it has something to run on later when the food supply is not being given.

2. Quality of Foods - Healthy meal plans should include foods which serve to give balanced quality calories.  Every body needs the right amount of Protein, Carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats each day to stay fit. Fad diets and others which cut these out are no good for you. They are not healthy and can cause more harm than good. Your body needs these things to ensure it gets the right amount of minerals and vitamins every day. The brain uses mostly carbohydrates. When you strip these from the diet to loose weight, your brain function slows and damage can occur. You will feel sluggish and lack energy. Concentrating on the smallest things will be difficult because the brain has no fuel to run on.

3. Something To Maintain - Most diets are so difficult to continue. This is especially true of diets which take out foods or cut them so low, you are not putting into the body what it needs. Try instead, to add foods like vegetables, lean meats, fruits, healthy fats, fish, and low fat dairy products, seeds, and nuts. These will work to keep your body healthy for the long haul. Fad diets and the like only serve to short the body of the essential life giving things they need for the sake of looking thinner. Do not put your body through this and risk damage.

There is no need to spend a large amount of money on building a meal plan through a professional. You can create an easy one for yourself. Just make sure to include foods in the three groups above. Meal planning does not have to be difficult to work through. The more you practice and work on them, the easier it will be every week to create. Out with the fad diets and in with healthy choices. Get ready to begin your new lifestyle with healthy meal plans and be as healthy as you can.

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