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Wednesday, September 17 2008

Charleston she crab soup is considered to be the signature dish of Charleston South Carolina, and is regularly featured on the menus of many of the city's restaurants. A signature dish is a recipe which helps to identify an individual chef. It is also sometimes used to refer to a culinary region.

Charleston she crab soup is named after the female crab, which is also sometimes referred to as 'She-Crab'. These female crabs supply the important ingredient of roe, or eggs, to the soup. It is often told that crab meat from a female has a supposedly sweeter flavor. Actually, the ingredient that lends the deep flavors and exquisite color that define this delicious soup that is legendary in Charleston, South Carolina is actually the reddish-orange roe. Besides roe, the other ingredients typically include cream, crab meat, and sherry.

Roe is no longer gathered as an effort to preserve the ecological system and keep a strong number of crabs. You may wonder if it is still soup if there is no foe in the Charleston she crab soup. Of course it is as the main recipe is the same. Whenever it is possible, however, you should make this using roe and enjoy every bite. There will be some changes, but a true southerner will know the basic ingredients are the same.

It's crucial to use absolutely fresh crab meat. It you are able to trap these creatures yourself, get approximately twelve of them. When you're shelling the she crab and you come across a bunch of little reddish-orange balls, you are fortunate enough to have found the roe, which is made up of her eggs. Be careful when removing it, and then blend in into the soup together with the crab. Remember however when catching crabs that you must release any she crabs which have roe on their exterior surfaces.

The onions, garlic and celery need to be cooked in a heavy bottom medium sized sauce pain with some olive oil until they are clear. The next step is to deglaze the pan using sherry followed by the crab roe, bay leaf and shellfish stock. When that is done, get it to a slow simmer and simmer for 15 minutes.

Next, add the milk and simmer. After simmering for fifteen minutes, put in the rice, and cook until it reaches the desired texture. When the rice is ready, it's time to add mace, Worchestershire sauce, and some hot sauce. Take the bay leaf out of the soup, and then puree, using a blender. The soup will need to be strained through a fine sieve after it has been pureed. Finally, add the crab meat. Use salt and pepper as desired to taste.

When making the best she crab soup be sure to use high quality crab meat. Cheap crab meat that you need to take out of the shells is always mushy so don't waste your time. Crab roe however can be a bit salty, so do use it sparingly. You can freeze crab meat and it will keep well if you use a secured sealed bag.

The signature dish of Charleston, South Carolina is Charleston she crab soup. This dish is a common featured item on numerous city restaurants. The soup is named after the 'She-Crab', or female crab, which supplies the flavorful orange roe, or eggs, that consist of a chief ingredient in the soup. It's crucial that your crab meat be fresh, and so catching your own is the best way to make this recipe. If you want to end up with the best she crab soup, you have to be certain to use the finest crab meat.

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