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Monday, September 01 2008

Every body loves a pizza, a pie, and some fish and chips right? Well if you're trying to lose weight, then eating these meals cooked the traditional ways can do more harm than good. Here are some ways in which you can turn these traditional dishes into healthy and tasty guilt free food.

Pizza - Instead of traditional white flour bases by using a wholemeal flour bases (or if your lazy use a big wholemeal tortilla wrap). The wholemeal flour is less refined and will make you feel fuller longer and is also better for your heart. Replace fatty toppings like salami with low fat ham and/or selection of veges and top it with a sprinkle of low fat Cheddar cheese, which is tastier, meaning you can use less than mozzarella. Don't worry about using a little cheese, the calcium in cheese is great for bone strength.

Pie - Try using low fat cuts of mince meats. Replace half the meat with lentils which are lower in calories and classified as a superfood. Great for fat burning. If you create the Shepherd's pie version, mix the potato topping with a low fat cream or low fat cream cheese, for extra flavour and a lot less calories than traditional full fat cream.

Fish and Chips - Of course whatever fish you use, it's going to be good for you...but not when you deep fry it in a vat of oil and high fat batter! Instead of that simply dip the fish into fresh breadcrumbs and brush with a little oil, then grill. Replace deep fried chips with fresh and seasoned chunky oven roasted wedges. Finish with a handful of fresh veges of your choice.

There you have it! Some traditional fat builders turned into their guilt free alternatives. Most meals can be turned into a much healthier alternative, so try and experiment for yourself. Supplementing certain ingredients in traditional dishes can cut up to three quarters of the calories, so don't kill yourself by not having your favourite foods, whilst trying to lose weight, simply make them healthier! Burn more fat with more guilt free food main meal ideas at 

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