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Tuesday, July 29 2008

I married a great Italian cook and a lovely lady too. I then moved to Italy and boy did my views on Italian food change. Far more than just Pizza and Pasta, Italy is truly a gastronomic journey to paradise second to none.

This is a land of pure eating pleasure and an absolute paradise for gastronomes and connoisseurs of fine wines. Surprisingly so much of it remains virtually undiscovered by foreigners.

The fast growing Slow Food movement didn't start in Italy by accident. Slow Food is not only about great food and good eating. It is as much a philosophy of life as anything else. It represents a slower lifestyle, taking time out to enjoy the pleasures of life. In essence it is the exact opposite of the fast food, frenetic lifestyle of today. Visit my blog below if you are interested in reading more about this movement.

The variety of Italian food is incredible. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that each and every town has it's favorite local dish, salami and wine.

Just one region of Italy - my home region of Piedmont - has more local dishes than I suspected existed in the whole of Italy. Supermarket aisles in my home town of Torino are filled with cheeses, salamis and wines from this region only. The quality is superb.

So vital to good Italian dishes are good ingredients. Menus change almost daily in restaurants and everybody uses only what is fresh and seasonal. You won't believe what a difference this makes.

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