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Wednesday, July 16 2008
A selection of different complementary foods eaten together compose a meal. People often choose to eat in the company of family members or friends and this is generally understood as an important social encounter.

Production and acquisition of food

The food traditionally has been obtained by planting, fishing, hunting and other methods of subsistence locally important for some people but for other despicable.

Today, in developed nations, the food supply increasingly depended more intensive farming, cultivation of industrial, farming or other techniques that increase the quantities of food produced while decreasing their cost. These techniques in turn depend on the development of mechanized tools, from the threshing machine and the planter to the tractor and thresher , etc.. These tools have been combined with pesticides to ensure high crop yield and fight insects or mammals that hurt production.

Also on the genetic modification of edible plants , to make them more resistant to diseases and parasites, while more productive. These techniques are very answered thus left to the multinational seed production, while it is assumed that cross-pollination of plants by natural modified plants, can alter the quality of them.

More recently there is a growing trend towards more sustainable farming practices, which rely on natural systems of production. These methods, which are spreading thanks to the demand of consumption, encourages biodiversity, local security and self-organic farming.

Want to be healthy?
Then follow these tips:

Do not skip any meal.

Snack between meals and not reserve your appetite for real meals, three times a day.

Choosing well-balanced and varied menus.

Take plenty of water throughout the day.

Eat slowly and chew well.

The chocolate, ice cream and sweets are very good! But be careful with cavities and especially with being overweight!

If hungry, it's best to eat a fruit rather than a biscuit.

Finding strength in fruits and vegetables.

Here you find all exquisite Food Recipes from Venezuelan and World. All recipe here

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