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Monday, May 07 2007

Summer is on the way for many of us and this usually means the barbecues get dusted off and we all get down the shops to get some matches and a sack of charcoal. However, often we have barbecues on the beach or in a park so it’s important to bring all the essentials to make sure you don’t have to run back to the house or down the local shops, it’s also important to make sure everything is in good working order. Here are a few of things which are often forgotten on the barbecue.

The barbecue – Sounds silly but it is always worth checking that the barbecue is in a decent state to use. Last year was a long time ago and any grimy stuff in it could have taken its toll. Give it a good clean a few days before you go to make sure that you don’t have any last minute mishaps.

Charcoal and something to get it going – Most of us would never forget the charcoal, but it’d easy to forget something to actually get the stuff going! Make sure you bring firelighters & plenty of matches to make sure you can get the barbecue going.

Utensils – Remember you will have to turn food regularly on a barbecue and this will need some specialist equipment, whether it be tongs, wooden spoons or a good old fashioned fork. You will also need bits and pieces for things like salad and buttering rolls so make sure you remember it all!

Torch – The nigh time creeps up on us when we have barbecues and before we know it, it is dark. Make sure you bring a torch to make sure you can see if the food is cooked and make sure you don’ leave anything behind when you leave.

Disposable bags – You will always generate a lot of rubbish when you have a barbecue so make sure you bring enough bags to pack it all away and get rid of it safely. You don’t want to have to carry rubbish around in your hands searching for bins at the end of the night.

Follow these simple tips and it should ensure you have a stress-free barbecue – Just make sure you check the weather forecast!

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