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Friday, May 30 2008

How many times have you had pasta in the last week? At least once, if you count yourself as one of those 77 percent of Americans who eat pasta at least once a week. With more than 40 percent of Americans stating spaghetti as their favorite pasta, it is almost impossible to imagine an American kitchen without pasta.

It is not difficult to understand why pasta is popular all around the world. It is an all rounder in the world of gourmet passing off as convenient food, snack and a nutritious constituent all at the same time. Pasta is an excellent base for many dishes. It can be prepared quickly and easily and may be varied endlessly. Depending upon where in the world one may be located, and upon who might be preparing the dish, one is sure to receive the flavor and character of his or her preference. Thus pasta possesses a strong quality of assuming the taste and character of a dish which makes it entirely pliable to the taste of the world. At the rate at which new fiber-rich sorts of pasta are being launched, pasta may also be listed high on the healthy food lists.

Pasta is a catch-all term for macaroni as well as spaghetti like cannelloni, risoni and noodles. The authentic Italian pasta is made from a mixture of high-quality wheat called Durum wheat, water and sometimes even egg. There is a large variety of pasta in different forms and colors available in the stores today. Green pasta gets its color from spinach, red pasta from tomato and black or dark grey pasta gets its color from octopus ink. In some stores you can even find pasta with colors from blueberry, chili or other exciting colors and flavors!

When cooking pasta, it is important to use plenty of boiling, lightly salted water. Keep in mind that stuffed pasta should only be simmered so that the filling does not leak out! Adding a little bit of oil makes the pasta glossy and prevents it from sticking, but if the pasta is to be served with sauce one should not add any oil since it prevents the sauce from coating the pasta as it should. Pasta to be used in a pasta salad should be rinsed first with warm water and then with cold water in order to avoid the pasta from sticking.

Possibilities for variation are among the pasta's foremost advantages. Weekday or a party, meat, fish, poultry or vegetarian - pasta can be used for and with all of this. However, sometimes one tends to run short of ideas and when you do, do not hesitate to take help from our inspiring collection of recipes at IMP Online - Delicious, mouth-watering pasta recipes and more! The recipes at IMP Online are taken from some of International Master Publishers' favorite recipe series, where all the recipes area carefully and accurately chosen and tested so that you may succeed in cooking every time.

Bon Appetit!

Jonas Lindblom
IMP Online

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