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Monday, May 12 2008
The tools are almost as important to the recipe as the ingredients and the words in the recipe. Picking the right tools can sometimes be a daunting task..

Its always best to start with the basics such as vegetable peelers, knives, cutting board, and utensils and plates to put the food on. Starting with a basic understanding of how basic tools work is the first step to being able to understand and know how to buy different gourmet tools.

Even these simple tools need to be understood, and making sure to spend money on quality tools is the first step to becoming a gourmet chef. A chef who doesn't know how to properly use a carving knife, or how to operate a vegetable peeler isn't really a chef until they can master those tools. These are some of the most basic tools a gourmet chef needs to know about.

One a chef has mastered these particular tools its time to move onto more complicated tools. For example many gourmet chefs use mandolines as a means of chopping up vegetables.

These are much like shredders, except instead of having little pieces of metal jutting from the metal base, there is one long blade in the center of the device and the vegetable is scraped over the blade giving thinner and more precise cuts. Its much like a meat slicer, except for vegetables and even cheeses. It's tools like these that separate simple tools such as graters from the more complex ones.

Mixers can also be a great gourmet cooking tool. Professional mixers come with a variety of different attachments for pastry, vegetable fillings, and even bread making attachments.

Different ingredients need to be handled differently and different attachments on certain professional mixers will allow for things such as egg whites to be handled more delicately than other items. Many professional mixers can be pricey, but many gourmet chefs emphasize the need for costly tools in order to properly propel the craft of cooking forward.

Buying the necessary attachments and spending the money it doesn't hinder a cook and allows them to be as open minded and creative as possible because they have the needed implements to do so.

Measuring and timing tools are another crucial tool that must be bought and handled correctly. It's best not to buy cheap measuring cups and spoons because sometimes these plastics will not hold up to the dishwasher.

Its best to buy metal or another kind of material because plastic is usually never sturdy enough. Also make sure that your tools are as accurate as they can be. The more accurate the better measurement, and the better the recipe will be!

Its important to pay attention and shop at quality cooking tool stores, stores that mainly focus in selling these cooking tools only, rather than chain stores that do not specialize in cooking tools. In truth its best to pay attention to what you buy.

The more you pay attention to this, the better your dishes will be and the more knowledge you will gain about the craft. Also you will be able to teach other people and explain to them how to use a seemingly confusing contraption.

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