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Thursday, July 03 2014

Many different dishes can be said to have originated as Texas foods. Some of these native recipes are simply made with little effort exerted as far as culinary skills are. Two of these wonderful Texas recipes don't take very much of anything. Whether it is time, money, effort, or culinary skills - for these two treats of a meal, you won't need much of anything at all.

The first at hand is made with Fritos, which is a type of chip and a very popular Texas food choice. But Fritos are not the only item you need to make this, obviously. You're going to also need to easily make some chili out of some ground beef, which the Cattle Drive can be thanked for supplying us with since the earliest times in this state. Once you have added the ingredients you wish to have in your chili and the correct spices to fit your taste, you're going to top a bowl of Fritos with this chili. Lastly, you want to add some cheese, jalapenos, and possibly some chopped onions, depending on how you prefer this delicious Texas food. It is a native Texas recipe is known as a Frito pie and it was invented in Plano, Texas.

The second delicious recipe you'll want to get your hands on also was invented in the state. It can now be found in any region on the state and in many other southern states. This Texas recipe involves a slab of chewy beef steak and is much like 'cubed' steak. However, the difference here is that this Texas recipe involves chicken frying the steak so that you are left with a salty and crispy breading on the outside. This breading, or chicken fry, is much like the fry on the outside of fried chicken. The only variation is that there is a delicious beef steak in the center of this Texas Recipe. It can be eaten with gravy and mashed potatoes, as those are often a very popular Texas recipe side choice, especially for this delectable recipe.

Of course, these aren't the only choices of Texas foods you have when visiting this fine state. There are many southern made classics that just scream it's name when you dig your teeth into them. However, these two Texas recipes are some what of a delicacy in the state. Not only are they an extremely easy and quickly made meal, they are also one of the tastiest and most popular Texas foods you'll try. And they won't be easily forgotten either.

So if you're looking for an easy Texas recipe that you can quickly prepare, isn't hard on your pocket, isn't messy or hard to clean up, and is just as delicious as something that is expensive, hard to cook and clean, then definitely try these two Texas recipes. They won't let you down but they will surely fill you up. Don't forget to add all your favorite herbs, spices, vegetables, and condiments as needed.

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