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Thursday, March 27 2008

Grilling is an art, no doubt about it. Burnt burgers, charred steaks and oh yes...raw chicken are all some of the common grilling mistakes. Chicken seems to be one of the more difficult meats to grill - it's either burnt or raw. Rather than risk sending your guests running for the door or politely eating around the burnt parts, here are a few tips for perfectly cooked barbeque chicken.

Tip #1 One of the best kept secrets of barbequing chicken is to lower the heat and wait until it's almost completely cooked before adding any sauces. In this way the chicken is moist and tender with a pleasant smoky flavor. This also prevents fire flare ups because the sauce is generally the actual culprit of these flare ups. It's the sugar in the sauce that causes the burning. When you put it on near the end of the cooking time, it won't burn.

Tip #2 In order to keep your chicken moist you can baste it constantly over a slow heat with apple juice. You can use almost anything other than wine for basting. Wine will cause the chicken to dry out and depending on what type of wine can even cause a bigger fire to occur.

Tip #3 The sugars in many sauces are often the cause for burning. Rubs are a great way to season your chicken without the risk of burning. There are many rub varieties to have a different rub almost every day of the summer.

Tip #4 Use a meat thermometer. This is particularly important for chicken because raw or undercooked poultry can be extremely dangerous. To make sure your chicken is perfectly cooked, not overdone nor undercooked; try the voice alert remote thermometers for ease. These handy gadgets tell you when your chicken is almost done so you can place the sauce on at the right moment. The voice alert also enables you to enjoy time outside without having to hover over your grill.

Tip #5 Marinades offer the best of both worlds. Marinating your chicken before you grill allows your flavor to permeate the meat and it'll be moist and juicy - perfectly grilled chicken! The there are many marinades out on the market today that keep your chicken moist throughout the grilling process.

With all of these handy tips and gadgets, perfectly grilled chicken is right around the corner. Happy Barbequing!

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