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Sunday, February 02 2014

Valentine's Day is mostly associated with romantic evenings with your loved one, but for family people, it can't be avoided that sometimes the kids are also added to the celebration. Kids love Valentine's Day much as anyone else and you should always consider having dinner with them, and with that said, here are some ideas to help you in this endeavor.

If your children are open to the idea, let them help you cook the Valentine's food. Kids love activities like these and the chances are that they will even suggest what meal they want to eat for Valentine's. The question though is if you want your kids helping in the kitchen? Well, we might be talking a bit of a mess here, but if you think about having fun, then I guess just let is pass for this single day.

Anyways, the trick is to plan a meal that needs no extravagant preparations. A full meal is not necessary since what's important with kids is that they are having fun and not the complexity of the Valentine's food. Of course, this also takes into account your plans into getting them in their beds at a decent hour. You'll want to spend the rest of the evening with your sweetheart because well, that's still the whole purpose of this romantic day, isn't it?

One fine example to follow are the Italians when it comes to love, and thinking of it, they are good to follow in terms of Valentine's food preparation too. When I think of Italians, I already associate them with pizza. Then why not try making a pizza at home? You can buy a ready-made crust and after rolling it out, cut it into the shape of a heart just to celebrate further this season of love. Just make sure that if you did cut it in the way I suggested, exaggerate the heart shape. This is because pizza dough rises when baked, and if you did otherwise, you'll notice that it won't look like a heart afterwards.

Aside from pizza, you can also try making spaghetti. Italians are known with spaghettis too, and one good point about this Valentine's dish is that it only takes 30 minutes tops to prepare the meal. And if you have extra time, try making some salad too to accompany the spaghetti, now that's one yummy Valentine's dinner.

Going simpler, you can also make some burgers and fries as an early dinner on Valentine's. Kids love burger and fries, and you can take turns grilling the burger patties for some family-oriented fun. Again, for some added Valentine's Day twist, you can even shape the burgers into hearts using a cookie cutter, just so to make it special considering the event.

Family people can make Valentine's Day a very memorable event of the year. It's a special day where all the family members can express their love of each other during dinner and remember that preparation can be very much fun too. As parents, you'll feel the satisfaction knowing that you made some good food together with your kids. And the greatest thing about this is that the Valentine's food comprising the meal doesn't really need a single theme to be completed.

You can also allow each person of the family to make a dish for Valentine's dinner. Make it a point that it should be a surprise for the rest of the family, but even if you don't suggest it, most of the time, you'll definitely be surprised by what the kids can create on their own. I know kids will really need your help during shopping and cooking the food. You can still help them, of course, but remember to act surprised still after the Valentine's food had been made. Now, that's one fun way to celebrate.

Preparing Valentine's food with the whole family offers the opportunity for you to express your love to your kids. With the busy schedules most of us live in, it's one day you can keep the love growing in your family. Besides, Valentine's Day is about love anyway, and comes only once a year as a rare treat for you to show your affection.

February 14 is definitely a very perfect day where you can cook some Valentine's food and other cooking ideas that you will certainly love to share with your family and friends.

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