Oven Method:
1. Preheat oven to 350°
2. Place tray on baking sheet; cut slit in center of film.
3. Place baking sheet on oven center rack; back for 45-50 minutes.
4. Remove from oven, carefully remove film, stir and serve.
Bon appetit!

Microwave Method:
1. Cut slit in the center of film.
2. Place tray in microwave; cook on HIGH for 3½ - 4 minutes.
3. Peel back film, stir and cook on HIGH for 1 minute.
4. Carefully remove film and serve.
Bon appetit!
* Cooking time based on 1100-watt microwave with turntable. Adjust time for lower wattage microwaves. If not using a turntable, rotate once while cooking.

INGREDIENTS: Black Beans, Water, Tomatoes (Fresh Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Calcium Chloride and Citric Acid), Ketchup (Tomato Concnetrate Made from Red Ripe Tomatoes, Distilled Vinegar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Salt, Onion Powder, Spice, Natural Flavoring), Carrots, Onions, Celery, Garlic in Citric Acid, Sugar, Modified Food Starch, Green Onions, Lime Juice from concentrate (Water, Lime Juice Concentrate, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Sodium Bisulfite (Preservative), Lime Oil), Salt, Ground Chili Peppers, Olive Oil, Chipotle Flavor Concentrate (Roasted Red Peppers, Sauteed Vegetables (Onion, Carrots, Celery), Maltodextrin, Chili and Chipotle Powders, Olive Oil, Water, Yeast Extract, Molasses, Onion Powder, Spices, Modified Food Starch, Garlic, Vinegar, Salt, Smoke Flavor), Cumin, Caramel Color, Oregano.